Origins of 3M Products

08 Dec

These are partners that unit together and start a global innovation company that always continues to grow and invest in all part of the world. They are very dedicated and committed to invest globally. The innovation has improved every day across the world.  The business was well opened in 1902 as a mining venture. it contributed to mine corundum as the main goal of mining. Due time the mining did not succeed due to mineral did not have market value. After sometimes the company moved to Duluth where it started the production of sandpaper products. As the company was working on progress, the company get stable financially and move to St. Paul before the current headquarters in Maplewood. Since the company is stable and has settled, it began innovation center and products in the market industries.

The struggle of 3M at was real and a lot of hardship in the process of success. The beginning of mining stone from quarries. They used grinding wheel which helps them to work faster. The company struggled to produce best quality products so it can compete in marketing. Due to these struggles, the management greatly supported the workers to produce and develop quality products so as the company can be able to compete in the marketplaces. It seemed little but the due time it becomes core business strategies. The main origin of this great company was to sell mineral to manufacturers across the grinding wheels.

After a long time of year, 3M started at this website to produce cloths. The cloth was very exclusive products in the market industry. The company did not stop there; they also produced waterproof sandpaper, masking tape, and even scotch brand tapes.  The production of various products had a great way for the company to start moving toward international expansion in marking industry.  Since the company produced the variety of products, they realized they have the competence to evolve across the world. The trade started in Europe and developed to New York market. Having determined management the company has moved in a great way across the world.

The company productions lead to the expansion of its territories. The company has already expanded worldwide with its production and marketing industry. The operations of the company are in Canada, France, Mexico, Australia, and United Kingdom. The company is now well recognized and established as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. The company has also helped a large number of individuals by employing them in every territory across the world.

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