Origin of 3M Products

08 Dec

Previously, 3M Company started as a mining company was known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company back in 1902.The Company was based in Minnesota town. It then occurred that the company did not perform well in mining. The company was initially owned by five partners who included Herman Cable, John Dwan, William McGonagle, Dr. Danley Budd and Henry Bryan. They targeted the market for their minerals to be used in making sandpaper and grinding stones. Unfortunately, 3M Company at https://eezee.sg/blog/3m-products-safety-adhesives-abrasives/ almost collapsed as soon as it began.

The corundum they manufactured was of low quality and therefore could not be of great use in these products. The shareholders did not despair in their quest to find a better solution. The partners then choose of using a product known as Spanish Garnet in the place of corundum. This type of mineral did not disappoint in the manufacture of sandpaper. Eventually, the sales of this sandpaper rose by a margin. The bad ordeal that had hit the company taught the partners the need to have a good and operational R&D department that would remedy such situations. This was the journey to 3M products.

As a result, the partners agreed to start a quality control laboratory that would test and research on new mineral products before they committed to using them. As they begun, the first product the laboratory gave the result to be known as Three-M-ite which was later developed in 1914 hence the name 3M Company. This product was used for metal cutting. They later manufactured the global first waterproof sandpaper in 1921 and masking tape in 1925. These products at large became well-known, and this brought about company's growth.

Over time, the company has grown, and each year they manufacture new profits. In 1960 and 1970 the company started to produce its board games, but they later sold it off to Avalon Hill and decided to only concentrate on making a tape. Other products that the companies manufacture are scotch tapes and Post-it-notes. Accident invented Post-it-notes.

In 2002, previously known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company was legally named as 3M Company as it was always understood globally. The company's products are used worldwide. It has over 75000 employees globally. It also has enterprises all of which are more situated in many countries worldwide. 3M Company started as a small company and could be seen as an encouragement to the innovative upcoming entrepreneurs. It has grown to be one of the competing companies in the world.

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